Part no. c500z
Gold Filled Waltham Hunting Case Pocket Watch with a Wm. Ellery, movement. The Watch appears to be a size 6. The outside of the case is in excellent condition with only the smallest mark on the outside cover. There are NO initials but there is a tiny dimple in that area seen only at an angle. The inside cover has only the #'s M6111. The back inside cover has the same numbers and a small circle with AW and CO underneath. The inside dust cover has the same numbers. The movement has a 3/4 cover with the name, Wm Ellery, Waltham Mass, Safety Pinion,with #'s 2481315. That puts in in the era of 1884. The white Porcelain Dial has Roman Numerals, a lower circle for the second hand and AW Co. and underneath, WALTHAM. The watch is lever set, stem wind and 7 Jewel.
$ 295.00

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