Retro Jewelry
With the world in a war, and little available Platinum, the Jewelry produced in the 1940's and later in the early 50's, took on new characteristics. The Retro Jewelry was large and had heavy designs in rose or pink and yellow gold with Rubies and Diamonds or combinations of gold and multicolored precious and semiprecious stones. America copied the jewelry of movie stars and divas. Gold was $30 and ounce and the heavier the better. Today there are still many Retro Diamond and Colored Gemstone Retro Rings, Retro bracelets, Retro Earrings, an Retro Necklaces. Multi Colored stackable eternity rings were worn and larger size diamonds could still be bought at $500-$600 a carat range.

Modern Jewelry and Moderne Jewellry
Jewelry made in the past 35-40 years would qualify. Much of this jewelry swung back to 14k, 18k, and 22k Yellow Gold. As the gold prices rose and the Diamonds and Precious stone increased in price, the diamonds became smaller and the gold mountings became lighter in weight. Many more semi precious gemstones were used.

Edwardian Jewelry
This was jewelry produced from 1905-1920's after the death of Queen Victoria. The jewelry combined finely detailed work in Platinum, and Diamonds, with delicate and intricate designs. Edwardian diamond Engagement rings, Edwardian Filigree Rings, Edwardian filigree bow Pins and Edwardian Earrings became popular (edited by adam knisley) . Edwardian Necklaces and Edwardian Diamond Bracelets were popular. This popular swirly, curvy jewelry came in Platinum and White Gold.

Art Deco Jewelry
Jewelry produced in the 1920's and 30's was inspired by the French and their "Art Decorative" movement. Art Deco Jewelry had bold and modernistic designs utilizing sharp lines, and striking color combinations. Filigree was still used in the Style of Art Deco Rings; it was just configurated in geometric pattern. New York's Empire State Building is a perfect example of the Art Deco Era. The Art Deco Diamonds rings and the Art Deco Bracelets were designed in White Gold and Platinum and they had beautiful clean Gemstones and Diamonds. The Art Deco Bracelets of the 1930's came set with Diamonds there were art Deco Bracelets with Diamonds and Sapphires and Rubies and Emeralds.
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